stonebalance_wpThe way you see things is unique to you. Your opinions and past experiences affect your viewpoint. It’s the same for everyone. As your coach, it’s my job to challenge you to begin to see things differently – through another lens.

It’s like switching from zoom to panorama – suddenly you see things with a whole new perspective. And sometimes you find the answer you’ve been looking for is right there in front of you.


A key part of coaching is developing greater self-awareness. A lot of times we do things out of habit – running in auto pilot. Stopping to reflect and explore creates the awareness you need for making more conscious and purposeful choices. You feel in control and not a victim of circumstance – empowered.

An important part of effective self-awareness is learning to listen to your whole self. Not just your thoughts and opinions, but also what your moods, emotions and physical reactions are telling you. When you don’t like something, it’s more than a thought. You heart may race or you might physically recoil. You feel something – like anger or fear.

The whole experience has something to teach you. When you learn to listen, recognise and understand the different elements, you develop greater awareness and personal power.

Action and accountability

Action and accountability are essential in coaching. We’re not just going to talk about change. You will actually have to do something. Take action, change, try, practice. I’m here to hold you to account and help you on the path, but you need to decide where you want to go and take the steps that will make it possible to get there. The philosophy is clear: intention without action is meaningless.

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