“Alison is an extremely caring coach.  Her approach is similar to someone who wraps their arms around you to protect you and nurture you.  Her ability to read your expressions and delve into your mind to hunt for the answers is a true gift and I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for Alison and her coaching.  It changed my life and my views.  It gave me strength and belief in myself.  Alison is an amazing coach and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her should not think twice.” – SD – Photographer


“I was struck by Alison’s ability to listen and observe. She was skilled at drawing my attention to issues that I hadn’t necessarily given much thought to, or noticing changes in my body posture or the amount of eye contact I made. Whilst she always maintained a warm and friendly attitude, she wasn’t afraid to challenge me and highlight any issue she felt needed to be examined in more detail, even if this was potentially sensitive. I appreciated how she always did this by first explaining her reasons for doing so and checking if I was comfortable with the situation. She managed this balance very skilfully. From her comments and guidance I started to build up a better picture of how others might see me or respond to my behaviour, both conscious and unconscious.”    S.M. – Translator and editor


“Alison is great. — I would consider myself an introvert and don’t like to open up to other people at all, but she managed the make me feel at ease right a way. With her guidance I manage to overcome hurdles. Some of them had to be uncovered. Others were so obvious I didn’t see them. All in all her process helped me to clarify my direction and focus on goals along the path. The change in perspective was great to sort out the big picture, but her coaching was also important for my day-to-day life. She introduced me to meditation and to be more mindful which I believe set our work on a really solid foundation. Being held to account helped me in taking action and the right steps to implement what I wanted to change. One session I remember very fondly: discussing my core motivation was already a pointer that it would be a tough session, and it was. After forty-five minutes I was completely exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.”

S.H.  -Strategic branding, design and communications

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