Why try coaching?

Seashell_wpWhat often stops us realising our dreams is the choices we see available and the judgements we make. To move on, we need a new perspective, a different approach. We need to change ourselves, our way of being. As your coach, I can help you develop the self-awareness and skills to make that possible.

People come to me for coaching for a variety of reasons, e.g.:

  • challenges balancing competing priorities
  • wanting greater clarity about their personal purpose
  • to feel more effective
  • a desire for ease or contentment
  • considering a change of job or career
  • facing job uncertainty or redundancy
  • wishing to progress a goal 
  • challenges managing time and/or stress 
  • wanting to feel more confident or empowered
  • difficult relationships or conversations

The outcomes are different from person to person. My clients tell me they’ve gained:

  • better awareness of what’s holding them back and how to overcome these
  • increased confidence, ease and self-acceptance
  • skills to self-manage in difficult situations
  • a clearer understanding of what’s important to them
  • a sense of empowerment
  • better communication skills
  • improved relationships
  • better mechanisms for managing stress

If you want to know whether coaching is right for you, contact me to set up a complimentary and confidential exploratory conversation.

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