As the client, you bring your challenge or goal. Together, we break it down into manageable chunks, working together until you meet the goal or you feel you have what you need to continue on your own.

steppingstones_wpTo begin, I ask prospective clients get in touch to talk about why they’re considering coaching and find out whether we feel like a good fit. If the topic is suitable for coaching we then discuss the coaching agreement and set goals for the process.

As the client, you need to come to each session with a topic. This helps make sure you are taking responsibility for your personal learning and growth. Together we agree what a successful outcome for the session will look like. At the end, I ask you to decide what actions you will commit to take to progress things before the next session. 

The coaching conversation is a process of exploration. I won’t give you advice or tell you what to do. You have the answers you need within you. My role is to help you expand your perspective and awareness so you can find them.

l will ask some challenging questions to help you start looking at things differently. At times I will offer my observations and present you with a metaphorical mirror. I will also encourage and support you in your progress and help you see what you are achieving. 

Sometimes the process can get uncomfortable. That’s the nature of growth. But it is always done at your pace with your permission. I promise always to enter with compassion and understanding. As your coach, I have only your best interests in mind.

I often introduce practices such a breathing and postural exercises and other useful learning if I think they’re beneficial.  Most clients really enjoy learning these techniques, but they are always optional.

Session usually last between 30-90 minutes. Initially I ask clients to commit to meet every week. Once we’re making progress, we can cut back to fortnightly or monthly sessions until you feel coaching is no longer necessary.

I coach in person, on the phone and via Skype. I do not impose a minimum length of contract as everyone has different needs, pace of exploration and development. 

If you are considering coaching, please get in touch to arrange a first conversation. There’s no obligation to continue if you don’t feel ready or think I’m the right coach for you. Coaching relies on mutual trust and personal chemistry is an important part of finding the right coach for you.

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