What are you afraid of?

As I sit down to write my first ever blog post, I am all too aware of the thoughts and feelings racing around in me. I feel like I’m stepping out into the unknown and taking a risk. It feels scary. I’m not sure I really know what I’m doing. I want more information, more certainty, some reassurance. I’m afraid of making a mistake, of being judged, of not being liked.

If I allow these feelings to stop me, I could miss out on a lot. On a great chance to learn and grow. On the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with new people. On the process of reflection that comes with writing.

I could fail miserably. And I’m honestly not even sure what that would mean. It’s more of a sense of foreboding than anything else. What would failure look like? No one will read what I have to say…? That would be disappointing. Worse, people will read it and pan me. That could be embarrassing. I could end up with hurt feelings and a bruised ego. Ok, that would suck. But I won’t die of humiliation. Perhaps even worse, I might succeed and find pressure to continue to write things people want to read. Ah, the joys of the inner dialogue.

My point? It’s pretty normal to be afraid of doing something new. But if we allow our fear to stop us, we risk missing out on a lot.

The thing is, we often feel afraid and allow that to stop us without really taking the time to think things through. What I usually find is that once we’ve named our fears, they lose a lot of their power. And when we take the time to think about what we would do if things don’t go the way we want, we realise we’re more able to deal with things than we think. And suddenly things don’t look quite so hard after all.

And so as I reach what feels like a natural end to my first blog post, I find that the process of writing about my fear has lessened its hold. I’ve done it now. I’m going to push ‘publish’ in a minute, and the world is not going to end. I don’t know what’s coming, but I’ve taken the first step and I feel ok with whatever comes next.

And so my question for you, is what are you afraid of? What’s holding you back from doing something you want? And what could you do if things didn’t go according to plan?

Name them. And then let them go. And step out into a world of possibilities.

With love and affection,




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